Who can join the Shaolin Temple?

A commonly heard myth regarding the Shaolin temple is that only men can train there. While it is true that all warrior monks who teach in the temple are men, both men and women are welcome to come and study there. In the Shaolin Temple of Songshan in Dengfeng, Henan, monks usually take care of foreigners for training. Usually, young monks are assigned to teach outsiders.

Your training there will be what you ask for. You pay for it and they give you the training. Older monks will figure out what you want and assign the right young monks to teach you. You decide how long you want to stay.

You can be there for a week or two, or you can be there for years. It depends on you and your wallet. Shaolin kung fu skills are practical and can be used to defend against an attack. There are many other benefits you can get if you do serious kung fu training.

By practicing Kung Fu, you can get into shape in an interesting way instead of gym routines, also improve your self-confidence, discipline and relieve the stress of modern life. One thing you should keep in mind is that it is not possible for foreign members to become full Shaolin monks. This position is reserved for Chinese citizens only. It is not a question of racism but a question of legal status within China that prevents foreigners from taking rank in the temple.

The original fighting style taught at Shaolin Temple seems to be “the 18 Luohan methods that form the basis for the development of the unique styles of Kung Fu taught today. Then, change your diet to be in line with Shaolin's beliefs by eliminating meat, eating raw foods, and reducing the amount you eat. It is not until the 16th century that another record of the Shaolin fighting in combat, but over the course of 2 centuries there are nearly 40 records of battles involving monks. The three martial artist disciples are believed to have had military backgrounds before arriving at the Shaolin Temple.

After arriving from Luoyang or Zhengzhou, ordinary tourists often spend a day visiting Shaolin Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and birthplace of Chinese Buddhist Zen and Kung Fu (martial arts). Most people choose to study Kung Fu in Shaolin because they want to receive the most authentic form of training. Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners, Shaolin monks, are also regarded as some of the most committed warriors. From the perspective of non-Chinese Shaolin Temple graduates, once you have become a Shaolin Kung Fu master, you can demonstrate the art with other Shaolin Temple graduates.

There are also some “short training sessions” available in China, which do cost money to attend, in which someone may choose to do some of Shaolin's workouts without working to the end to master them. The official name of the Kung Fu school in Shaolin Temple is Song Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School. However, you may receive the rank of “Warrior Monk” which, while not legally affiliated with the Shaolin Temple, is an indication that the instructors feel that you are competent to fight and that you can start your own dojo and teach the things you have learned. The most authentic of which is to show up at the Shaolin Temple or one of its branches in China and ask him to become an apprentice.

The temple offers public and private classes in Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong and many other Chinese martial arts. Some Kung Fu schools not only teach Shaolin Kung Fu, but also teach Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Wing Chun, etc.

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