How much does it cost to become a Shaolin monk?

For long-term shaolin kung fu training students, kung fu training costs are paid per year. Yes, you have to be a Buddhist to be able to study Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple. However, you should keep in mind that Buddhism is not so much a religion as it is a philosophy. You are not expected to give up any other religious ties you have to live as a Buddhist.

Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners, Shaolin monks, are also regarded as some of the most committed warriors. If you do this, you will never receive the official status of Shaolin, but you can learn all the skills you want in this way and master the training in your own time. It is often thought that the Shaolin temple is the source of all Chinese martial arts, but this is not correct. The original fighting style taught at Shaolin Temple seems to be “the 18 Luohan methods that form the basis for the development of the unique styles of Kung Fu taught today.

This includes the duties, responsibilities, requirements and other qualifications that Shaolin monks must have. However, you may receive the rank of “Warrior Monk” which, while not legally affiliated with the Shaolin Temple, is an indication that the instructors feel that you are competent to fight and that you can start your own dojo and teach the things you have learned. When someone reaches the level of warrior monk, he is good enough to fight for the Shaolin and participate in demonstrations of his athletics representing the temple, and he is also good enough to found his own dojo and teach within it. While foreigners (non-Chinese) cannot become full Shaolin monks, they are allowed to achieve the status of “warrior monk” and this takes about 10 years, depending on the route to get there.

From the perspective of non-Chinese Shaolin Temple graduates, once you have become a Shaolin Kung Fu master, you can demonstrate the art with other Shaolin Temple graduates. While in the monastery, the Disciples must adhere to the laws and rules of the Order of Shaolin and the Vinaya (Buddhist regulatory framework). So how long does it take to become a Shaolin Kung-Fu master? It takes 25 years for a Chinese boy to become a Shaolin Kung Fu master. This can be very difficult, psychologically, at first because there are no shortcuts in Shaolin training, you only progress when you show that you have mastered what is expected of you.

Finally, consider traveling to China to study full-time at a Shaolin temple or requesting to be accepted as a disciple in a temple in your own country. The reason why the Shaolin Temple was founded was to allow Chinese monasteries to better protect themselves.

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