Can a foreigner become a Shaolin monk?

If that IS you, that is, you really want to be a Buddhist monk in Shaolin, the answer is yes. Foreigners can travel to Shaolin and start training to become monks. One thing you should keep in mind is that it is not possible for foreign members to become full Shaolin monks. This position is reserved for Chinese citizens only.

It is not a question of racism but a question of legal status within China that prevents foreigners from taking rank in the temple. A commonly heard myth regarding the Shaolin temple is that only men can train there. While it is true that all warrior monks who teach in the temple are men, both men and women are welcome to come and study there. As the center of Buddhist culture and the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, the Shaolin Temple is dedicated to being an open environment, welcoming all who wish to learn and experience what it has to offer.

The monastery constantly accepts foreigners as students. However, foreigners cannot become real Shaolin monks. You can train as a disciple under the guidance of a true monk, but you will never be able to live in the monastery, nor will you receive the same training and experience. This can be very difficult, psychologically, at first because there are no shortcuts in Shaolin training, you only progress when you show that you have mastered what is expected of you.

The most popular legend says that it was the Indian monk Bodhidharma who brought kung fu to Shaolin while traveling in China to spread the teachings of the Buddha. Many Shaolin monks consider Chan instead of Quan to be the true definition of what it is like to be Shaolin. However, you may receive the rank of “Warrior Monk” which, while not legally affiliated with the Shaolin Temple, is an indication that the instructors feel that you are competent to fight and that you can start your own dojo and teach the things you have learned. If you want to learn shaolin kung fu, you have to learn hung ga, lau ga, choi ga, li ga, mok ga, wing chun and hap ga.

Then, change your diet to be in line with Shaolin's beliefs by eliminating meat, eating raw foods, and reducing the amount you eat. In the Shaolin Temple of Songshan in Dengfeng, Henan, monks usually take care of foreigners for training. If you want to know how long it takes to become a Shaolin kung fu master, the answer depends on whether you are Chinese. The most authentic of which is to show up at the Shaolin Temple or one of its branches in China and ask him to become an apprentice.

If you want to be a master of Kung Fu in Shaolin, you will have to learn a complete system and many different styles and weapons. When I was a child, I had consumed docu-shorts of people training at Shaolin Temple in the same way that other children consumed SpongeBob, it was a dream come true. There have been a handful of foreigners who have been seriously and long-term trained as disciples of the temple. There are also some “short training sessions” available in China, which do cost money to attend, in which someone may choose to do some of Shaolin's workouts without working to the end to master them.

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